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future log

I found my own style for future planning; it's a variation/extension of the Alastair method:

future log bullet journal

With the highlighted dates in the monthly overview I can see at a glance if there is already planned something on that day:
futurelog 01

Then, I look for the corresponding date in the column and can see on the basis of its details (location/time) if there is space for more appointments on the same day:futurelog 02

Once the date is transferred to the monthly overview, it's gonna be checked here:futurelog 03

At the moment I feel very comfortable and safe with this system.
It is handy and clear.

Perhaps it works for you, too? If you take it, please link back.

If you like printables, please find a digital download for 2017 on my Etsy-Shop

futurelog january to june 2016

futurelog july - december 2016

"future log" by Ryder Carroll

future log carroll

Eddy Hope’s Calendex-Sysem

If you want to know more about my own variation of the Calendex-System, please go here.




These are the supplies I use in my bullet journal:

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# Wonderful!Christine 2016-05-16 01:53
Thank you so much for this! I love this idea and your take on the Alastair method. I've been trying various future log methods and I think this will really work for me! Thank you!
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# Thank youVeronika 2016-05-16 10:52
Dear Christine.
I hope it will work for you, to.
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